Hi, we’re Lucy and Emma.

We’re here to help you to get more of the results you want by transforming the way you communicate with yourself and with others.

Because whether you’re returning to the workplace after a long career break, or leaving the workplace to set up a business of your own, your communication mindset, strategy are critical to your success.

Communication skills can help you develop:

  • An authentic voice that aligns to your professional goal and personal values
  • Laser-sharp audience insight so that when you produce content, presentations or marketing materials, they are quicker to produce and really deliver results
  • A brand strategy (product/service or personal brand)
  • Confidence to take up more space and be heard – and refine what you want to say so that it has an impact

Now that’s what lights our fire.

And between us, we’ve spent 40+ years helping businesses and the people in them get better results by changing the way they communicate – so we know what works and now we’re bringing together our expertise as Lucy & Emma | The Communication Coaches, to help you accelerate your success.

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Visualising your success – it’s all in the mind

Are you too comfortable?

Our story

Before setting up our partnership just last year, we walked our talk.

We’ve earned our stripes (and won awards) as professional communicators for decades, helping businesses ranging from sole traders to multi-million-pound global companies to get better results.

We’ve trained, coached and mentored hundreds of people – in turn, helping them get more of what they want.

We’ve designed strategies, produced content and delivered products such as websites, campaigns, events and magazines.

And we’ve lived the experience – between us, we’ve held down senior corporate jobs and run small businesses.

You may be wondering why we do this. What makes us any different? After all, everyone communicates, right? 

Well, yes. We all talk, listen, tell stories, and ask for what we want.

We also often doubt and criticise ourselves, and get stuck – and much of that is about our communication.

And often we don’t actually get what we want, even though we asked for it. Perhaps we weren’t clear enough, or persuasive enough, or we simply hadn’t helped those around us to see and appreciate our value. That’s also about our communication.

This is where it gets quite interesting, really. Because, let’s be honest, ‘communication’ means lots of different things to different people.

Most people think about products and outputs and platforms…

You know the sort of thing. If you’re in business, you’ll be thinking about copywriting, social media posts, branding, marketing plans, investment proposals, award entries, and so on.

If you have a job – or you want to get one – you’ll be thinking about application letters, CVs, annual appraisals, presentations, interviews, and so on.

All these things – and more – are important, of course. And here at Lucy & Emma, we will help you transform the results you get from all of those (that’s been our bread-and-butter for many years).

But it’s not where we START – and we suggest that it shouldn’t be where you start, either.

Brilliant communication will change your professional life completely.

You see, the value and the art of brilliant communication is way, way bigger than just great copy, content plans and presentations.

They’re your tools, not your outcomes!

  • Brilliant communication determines how others see you, and even the value you place on yourself.
  • Brilliant communication is about how you talk to yourself, how you show up, and how you set yourself up for failure or for success.
  • Brilliant communication makes sure that others value you. And when people value you, they buy from you, hire you, promote you…simply, brilliant communication is at the heart of getting more of what you want.

(And the best part of this? Brilliant communication doesn’t just mean you perform better. It means you are more authentic and, instead of burnout, greater success comes with greater satisfaction and wellness.)

And, we’re on a social mission with this, too.

We are passionate about gender equality in the workplace, and that social value really drives what we do.

Our mission is to help as many women as possible feel empowered to take their rightful place in business or in the workplace – because no law or policy is going to give that to us.

Empowered women will have the confidence, the skills and the voice to step into the space being created by changing attitudes and legislation.

And we know we owe it to our daughters and granddaughters to help make true equality happen a whole lot faster, because progress is still very slow.

All of that – well, that’s why we do what we do.

In fact, we really have the best job in the world – helping fabulous women get more of what they want, in a way that allows them to be authentic, and knowing that as they do so, they accelerate professional gender equality.

Whatever success looks like for you – and we will never presume to tell you – that’s a win:win, isn’t it?

We’d love you to join us, and give yourself the gift of brilliant communication. 

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