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Clubhouse – a great lesson in getting intentional about your impact

It feels like everyone right now is talking about Clubhouse, the new social media platform. 

It’s taking the online business world by storm, but is it the right marketing platform for you?

We take a look at a couple of pros and cons of Clubhouse, so you can make sure you use it really intentionally and – as always – for maximum impact.


Can you be professional AND authentic?

If you don’t sound exactly the same in your business emails as you sound when you’re chatting online with friends and family, does that mean you’re not being authentic?

As our perceived authenticity becomes the next yard stick by which our reputation is measured, it’s easy to overthink what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

But the good news is that you can have a ‘work voice’ and an ‘off-duty voice’ and still be authentically you.

Here’s why…


Are you talking your customers’ language?

What makes your content really draw people in, and persuade them to become your follower, customer, raving fan?

One of the most effective ways to achieve that is to talk in their language as much as you talk in your own.

But how do you do that AND still sound authentically you?


Is there value in your ordinary story?

It’s well known these days that telling your personal story creates enormous impact in your business messaging…but what if your story is far from being a tear-jerker or a rags-to-riches inspiration? Does it still count?

In an online world full of raw stories, and great inspiration from people who have overcome untold adversity, it might be easy to assume no one will care about a background easily passed off as normal, perhaps even middle of the road.

But please don’t fall into that trap – because your story matters, it’s relatable, and it’s crucial to finding the authentic voice we’ve been exploring with you over the last few weeks. In this week’s blog, we explain why…


Are you listening to your authentic voice?

When you’re trying to decide what to say or do in your business, who do you listen to most? Colleagues or friends? Other experts and influencers in your industry?
What about your inner voice…your authentic thoughts, ideas and instincts?
Do you listen to and trust your own voice anything like as much as you listen to and trust the external voice around you? Check out our new blog to consider this question, and for three simple steps to giving your authentic voice much more airtime.


How do you find your authentic voice?

When you communicate in your authentic voice, two amazing things happen: you have far greater influence, and achieving that is easier than you might ever have thought possible.
Continuing our series of free resources to help you use your voice and have greater impact, this week we ask one of the most important questions of all…

How do you find your voice, and how do you know it’s authentically yours?


Surprise! How your content will fail if it’s not all it appears to be…

Truth bomb: no one really likes surprises. OK, we loved them when we were small and they were just another word for ‘fun stuff’, and we might tolerate them now if they involve an indulgent treat we’re guaranteed to love.

But in business terms – whether you’re an employee or a small business owner – springing surprises is almost certainly bad news.

In truth, communicating really consistently and predictably is one of the most powerful ways you will add value in your workplace, or give your content and brand more traction in a marketplace full of noise and traffic.

Check out our blog this week to find out more…


The golden rule for showing people who you really are? You can do even better than THAT!

How many times have you heard it said that the golden rule in life is to treat people as you want to be treated? I’m guessing the answer to that is LOTS of times, and it is a lovely sentiment. Show others the values and behaviours you appreciate being shown yourself…because the chances are that means a whole lot of respect, patience and kindness … Read More The golden rule for showing people who you really are? You can do even better than THAT!

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Will you stand out in the war of talent?

Being able to communicate your value has never been more crucial than it is right now. As the job market shrinks and the talent pool floods, your ability to show others your talent and potential will be the key that unlocks that job or promotion you want and deserve.


Ways to raise your voice and be heard (when your inner critic tells you to stay silent)

Do you sometimes wish you could speak up, but then stop yourself from doing so? The good news is that you don’t have to leap from a fear of speaking up to being the loudest voice in the room. Here are our strategies to help you step a little out of your comfort zone, if that is what you want to do.


Why don’t we speak up when we want to?

Yesterday we spent some time working on our upcoming book and scheduling blog posts for the next quarter (if you want to share our approach to kicking ass in the last months of 2020 read this post). Everything we do and talk about comes back to a central point – helping women show who they really are (so it wasn’t a massive leap to … Read More Why don’t we speak up when we want to?


3 steps to rock what’s left of 2020

Is there anything more satisfying than turning the calendar over to September?  It’s the start of a new season (I know…technically we should wait for the equinox), a new school year (hello new stationery), and the feeling of a new start towards our goals (without the New Year hangover). If the new month has re-fired up your enthusiasm for your goals, but you’re not … Read More 3 steps to rock what’s left of 2020