Chances are that you put a lot of time, effort, creativity and even money into communicating well with others. 

From your customers to your industry thought-leaders, from your bank manager to your employees – getting that dialogue just right is crucial to your business success, isn’t it?

But how much do you think about the way you communicate with yourself? Do you stop and listen? 

After all, who do you speak to most? You (whether silently or otherwise). Whose opinion do you hear the most? Yours. Whose running commentary do you hear throughout your waking hours? Yours. 


Your mindset starts and finishes with what you say to yourself. Of all your audiences and stakeholders, you are Number One.

Do you give the same care to choosing just the right words, as you would to others? Do you think about your tone of voice? Are you critical or nurturing? Do you berate yourself, or hand out liberal high-fives?

“I never thought I was a bully until I listened to how I spoke to myself. I think I owe myself an apology.”

Anita Opper

We’re in the middle of the Easter weekend, which for many is a four-day break. But what’s the constant chatter like in your head today? Is it telling you to keep going, to be busy, to be productive…or is it allowing you to let go, to do the fun stuff, to face-plant the chocolate?

We’re not in the business of self-care specifically here at Lucy & Emma…but we do know that the way you communicate with yourself will either facilitate or prohibit your self-care. 

Self-care isn’t something specific. There’s no magic formula of exercise, hygge, feng shui, massages and candle-lit baths; it may be all or none of those things…for you. At the very core of your self-care, your wellbeing, is the need for you to give yourself permission to do what sparks your joy and makes your heart sing. Literally, give yourself permission. Be prepared to say yes to what restores you, and be equally prepared to say no (gently) to what drains you.

Just for this weekend at least…metaphorically or literally…eat the chocolate!


We too are actively recharging and re-energising our batteries and our brains this Easter weekend…

Emma is taking her lovely mum to see a certain man-band (in case of any peculiar advertising laws we mention no names, but it rhymes with Fake Hat. Lucy didn’t get tickets to this tour, but it has absolutely nothing to do with any restraining orders or middle-aged crushes, so you can disregard any rumours.)

We both plan to eat more calories than we can count. If you’re going to not count them once in a while, you might as well make it a big enough number, yes? 

The weather is particularly glorious, so we’ll both enjoy being outside – whether that’s a soul-soothing hike up the Lake District fells (check out Emma’s awesome views below and on our Facebook post on Good Friday), taking an alpaca out for a walk (seriously, that’s a real thing and it’s on Lucy’s agenda this weekend), or simply sitting in the garden with a breakfast cuppa and a real newspaper (one that rustles rather than scrolls).

View from Cat Bells


Most of all, we have both given ourselves permission to say no, to switch off, to do nothing, to nap, to have fun, to just BE.

Whatever you’re doing this holiday weekend, be kind to yourself. Remember, the person you hear most is yourself, so make sure your communication with yourself is nourishing and supportive. 

And when Easter is over and the long weekend is just a sunny memory? Well, the need to speak constructively to yourself remains exactly the same. After all, that metaphorical chocolate is for life, not just for Easter!


Have a great week, and tune in next Sunday for the start of a series of blogs on communication tools and strategies to increase your visibility. Want to be seen and heard more? We have lots of free stuff to help you. Sign up for delivery straight to your inbox, or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram…so you never miss a thing.

Happy Easter from us both,

Lucy & Emma

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