Are you planning to launch your own business in September? 

In this blog I’m going to cover some things that you can do this summer that will lay the groundwork without taking up all of your valuable summer recharge time.


I came across the Back To Life tag thanks to Pinterest’s August 2019 – July 2020 planner. And I just love the term.

September has always been my favourite ‘new year’ moment of the year. It just screams new. New stationery. New season. New wardrobe New goals.

It is the return to a more productive approach to life after the lazy summer months.

So if you’ve been planning your own business start-up you may well have your sights on September as the month that you get to work.

Lay the groundwork now

Even with the busiest of summer months (holidays, parties, BBQs) or the laziest of summer days (hello sun lounger), there will still be pockets of time. And you could use these previous moments to get a jump start on your September plans.

Bag your URL

If you already know what you’re going to call your business, bag the URL. Sites like GoDaddy will let you know if your business name URL is available or suggest close alternatives. If you can, buy the .com and .uk (or your country alternative) options. 

And your social handles

In addition to your URLs, set up your business social media accounts too. Ideally all of your channels (website, blog, social media accounts) will have the same name for consistency and to make it very easy for people to find you.

You don’t have to post anything yet and you can keep the accounts private until you’re ready for launch, but you’ll rest easy knowing that you have them and no-one else can use the same name. Think of it as the entrepreneurial version of throwing towels down to reserve sun loungers.

Daydream about your customer

Chances are, you’ve spent a lot of hours day-dreaming about your new business venture. What you’ll call it. What you’ll make or sell. How you’ll package everything. Maybe even how you’ll celebrate your first £million.

But now is the time to turn your attention to your customer. Who are they? What do they want? How do they live their lives? What problems do they have and how will your product or service help? Get inside their heads and you’ll be in prime position to write content that is so aligned to their hopes and dreams that customers will flock to your business.

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What can you outsource?

Setting up and running a business takes time, and you will want some time left over to spend with your family and friends. Add to that the daily pressures that will continue regardless of your business ambitions (clothes need cleaned, food needs to be bought and cooked) and you may feel overwhelmed.

Use the summer to consider what, if any, elements of your life you can automate or outsource so that you have time to work on your new venture. Could you use a meal delivery service or pay for someone to help with housework?

Clarity comes from calm

The summer months are the perfect time to set your intentions for your new venture. Your mind will be clearer and you won’t yet be consumed by the day-to-day running of the business.

Use this quieter time to plan your five year, one year, and six month goals. Write them down or create a vision board – whatever works best for you. These intentions will help keep you on course once you go live in September.

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