Master your presentation confidence

3 lessons from giving my father’s eulogy

Does the very thought of speaking in public fill you with terror?

First of all – don’t beat yourself up about it, you are certainly not alone. National research repeatedly places public speaking as our number one fear, even ahead of death and flying.

And secondly – stick with us, because we promise we can help you make a huge difference to your confidence and your delivery with just a few techniques. Continue reading “Master your presentation confidence”


Are you ready to be unstoppable?

What a week it has been here at Lucy & Emma!

We’ve been blown away by the response to the launch of She Is Unstoppable (Volume 2) – an anthology of stories from female entrepreneurs and business leaders, including one authored by Lucy!

The book went straight to No. 1 in Amazon’s ‘business biographies’ category, and we had lots of feedback that made us rather shiny-eyed, such as… Continue reading “Are you ready to be unstoppable?”


How to communicate with your customers when Covid-19 guidance changes quickly

Over the last week we’ve seen how quickly Covid-19 advice, rules and regulations can change.

When those changes impact your business, your communication and engagement with your customers needs to be just as swift.

In the midst of change it can be hard to know what to say, and how to say it. And in the moment, when your inbox and DMs start to fill up, it is almost impossible to find the space and time you need to figure it all out.

It is possible to communicate bad or disappointing news to your customers while also strengthening their brand loyalty to you. 

Allow us to extend a (thoroughly washed and sanitised) virtual hand and walk through the process with you, step-by-step.  Continue reading “How to communicate with your customers when Covid-19 guidance changes quickly”


Shifting from fearful into fearless

Even at the best of times, there are so many external factors that can make it harder for us to achieve our goals. Time, resources, access to skills…we all face day-to-day challenges of some sort. 

And in these unmapped and unprecedented times, the list of things that seem to conspire against us is longer than ever (and now it contains a whole net of curveballs that we never could have predicted).

But still one thing holds true…that the biggest barriers of all are the ones you unthinkingly tell your brain to build, through the way you communicate with yourself. Continue reading “Shifting from fearful into fearless”


Don’t let your Covid-19 experience make you feel invisible

Let’s be honest, none of us are coming out of this Covid-19 experience completely unscathed. 

Even though many of us have found silver linings in lockdown – some purposefully and some accidentally – it has been a shock to our systems to some degree.

And one of the things we’re hearing from many of you right now is that your confidence has taken a knock. Who could possibly judge you for that? So many of your roles and routines were shifted overnight, into something you didn’t recognise and hadn’t prepared for.

But in the comfort of day-pyjamas, lockdown hair and conference calls, it’s been super easy to become more low-key, a little less visible, just not quite so ‘out there’. Continue reading “Don’t let your Covid-19 experience make you feel invisible”


Don’t turn your good news into a bad thing

Everything you’re doing to reopen your business right now is really good news! But are you in danger of making your customers think it’s a bad thing? Continue reading “Don’t turn your good news into a bad thing”


Will people buy from me after lockdown (and other questions you’re probably asking yourself)?

Are you one of the many small business owners who now have a path out of lockdown? 

New dates and specific guidelines are giving many the clarity and the green light they need to resume trading (very soon if not now). You have a lot to think about and a lot to do. (And you know we’ve had a real thing here at Lucy & Emma about getting ready and prepared for recovery.) 

But we’re hearing the same couple of fears and worries from lots of different people right now, and we want to address those right here – because the good news is you can take those fears, be proactive and and turn them into a business advantage, with just some careful and creative messaging. Continue reading “Will people buy from me after lockdown (and other questions you’re probably asking yourself)?”


Can you transform a crisis into a springboard?

In our last blog, our lovely client Laura talked about how transforming the way she communicates her business has helped her transform the way she does business during the lockdown. Continue reading “Can you transform a crisis into a springboard?”


How communication skills can help you pivot your business – lessons from lockdown

Like other small business owners, the impact of coronavirus was swift and far reaching for Laura Mckenzie.

As a fitness instructor, her business model was based on delivering group classes across her local community and one-to-one training. None of which was possible during the national lockdown.

In the year leading up to the global pandemic, we’d been working with Laura, helping show how great communication skills could help her business thrive.  Continue reading “How communication skills can help you pivot your business – lessons from lockdown”


Keeping your customers loyal – even when your doors are closed

Lockdown has made innovators of us all, hasn’t it?

These last few weeks, you’ve learned to work differently… Continue reading “Keeping your customers loyal – even when your doors are closed”


3 ways to stay visible – even when you’re working from home

Have you noticed a change in the way we’re talking about ‘working from home’ now? Continue reading “3 ways to stay visible – even when you’re working from home”




Part 2 – three simple guidelines

A big topic of conversation is happening right now around whether or not it is right to keep (or re-start!) selling now. Continue reading “3 WAYS TO SELL WITH SENSITIVITY”