What a week it has been here at Lucy & Emma!

We’ve been blown away by the response to the launch of She Is Unstoppable (Volume 2) – an anthology of stories from female entrepreneurs and business leaders, including one authored by Lucy!

The book went straight to No. 1 in Amazon’s ‘business biographies’ category, and we had lots of feedback that made us rather shiny-eyed, such as…

“An interesting and inspirational read, and should be available in every school library.”


“Your chapter was wonderful. It was honest, engaging and insightful. You should rightfully be very proud!”

We love comments like these is because they validate the very reason we wanted to get involved with the She Is Unstoppable project in the first place.

You see, Lucy’s chapter is not a story of tremendous adversity – the sort that can bring you to tears while bearing no resemblance to your life, challenges or dreams.

We have endless respect for those stories – but we also know that a relatable story from someone who is just like you can sometimes be a greater help to you when you’re seeking inspiration and support.

Unstoppable: at the top of the Amazon Best Seller chart in Business Biographies and Memoirs

And this is a story about how developing the right mindset, along with great communication / influencing skills, can deliver extraordinary results, fantastic experiences, and the life you desire.

Indeed, Lucy’s story is a highly relatable tale of ‘life in the middle lane’ – which, let’s face it, is where most of us live, isn’t it? We’re aspirational and we’re growing – but without the networks and resources of the super-rich. Real life is a balance: glittering success one minute, mundane domestics the next. 

On one hand, Lucy’s chapter is quite a tale – a child prodigy who was published at 15, climbed the corporate ladder in one of the UK’s biggest companies, and then went on to run a thriving, global business, delivering some of the biggest communication projects in the country. 

And then, on the other hand, it’s an honest journey to overcome barriers such as sexism, ageism and the chronic ill-health that signalled the edge of burn-out.

If real-life inspiration is your thing, you’ll find the book here.

But that’s not all…

If you’ve read Lucy’s chapter already, you might have spotted a rather important piece of news from us. Tucked away modestly in the ‘about the author’ section is the first mention of a brand new book called Show Them Who You Really Are.

This is our new book, an accessible and affordable way to embark on a transformational journey, a journey to communicate your true value and – as a direct result of doing that – transform your results.

Because this is the lynchpin of what we do and why we do it. As we said just a few weeks ago on BBC radio: we see too many business owners and professionals working phenomenally hard and doing amazing things, but just not getting the results they want and deserve.

And that’s because they’re not showing the world what they’re really worth. They’re not being seen and heard as they deserve and need to be.

Instead, they’re just working harder and harder, hustling more and more – because received wisdom says that is how to get better results.

BUT – in truth, behaving like that is simply exhausting, probably inauthentic, and very unlikely to make a blind bit of difference anyway.

Is this true for you?

Please know this: we see you. We see your talent and your expertise. We see your passion and your integrity. We see your hard work and your resilience.

But we know that others need to see you too. They need to see your value and your contribution. They need to see the ways in which they need you and what you have to offer.

“They” might be:

  • your colleagues, your bosses or your customers 
  • the stakeholders who make funding decisions, clients who award contracts, or leaders who award promotions 
  • the hiring manager for your dream job, your new customer, or your new raving fan in your online community.

Being great at what you do is only part of the story. You need to demonstrate your value to the people who engage with you and make the decisions that affect your results.

Heartbreakingly, the opposite very often happens. Most people unknowingly diminish their true value, in their words and their actions.

You need to show them. Tell them. Convince them.

If you transform the way you demonstrate your true value, you will transform your results. And THAT’S why we’re just a teeny bit excited about the next book. 

In fact, spoiler alert: we plan to talk about it quite a bit between now and the day it hits the shelves (by the end of this year, all being well). We’ll be sharing lots of value from it so you know just what to expect.

Can’t wait to share this next part of the journey with you. If you haven’t already, please like and follow us on our Facebook page, and sign-up for our blogs, newsletters and free teach-ins direct to your inbox – then you can be sure you’ll never miss a thing!

See you soon,

Lucy & Emma xx

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