I’ve seen lots of social media activity this last few days about giving 2019 a last kick in the pants, going all in to end the year as strongly as possible.

This is a great idea, of course, and it doesn’t matter what your definition of ‘strong’ is, whether it’s a sales target, a new job, a new business – or a million things inbetween.

We feel just the same about topping out the year as well as possible. (Does anything taste better with a mince pie than a sense of achievement?)

But…then what?

To be honest, we feel more excited about using the last 12 weeks of the year (yep, that’s all there is!) to get ready for 2020.

New year, new you?

Preparing for that starts now. And we’re here to help.


Actually, the better question to ask is: WHO is holding you back? Is it the expectations that other people have for you? Or is it your own internal conversation? Perhaps you are doubting yourself, or running old thought patterns that have no place in your life now.

Are you talking yourself out of success without even noticing? For example, are you using those ‘hidden apologies’ we’ve been talking about over the last few weeks – very gently but very effectively stopping you from going after what you want?

And you’re certainly not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed – either not knowing where to start, or somehow waiting for an unknown permission or approval to start.


Between now and Christmas, we’re dedicating our weekly blogs to a FREE series in which we’re going to help you overcome some of your fears and overwhelm, get more clarity about how you want to start 2020, and set yourself for maximum results by shifting to an internal language that drives success.

Sound good?

We’d love you to join us.

If you’re up for getting ready for the best kick-off to the new year, here are three simple things we invite you to do:

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  • Share this with the brilliant ladies you know who want to start 2020 with a bang, to get more of what they want in business or at work.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this.

Lucy & Emma

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